The Loft Floors or Ceilings?

We got setup for the loft floors which are also the kitchen and living room ceilings.  We got lucky and it was super sunny that day (extremely rare in February Pacific Northwest!).  So we got the saw right by the lumber…on the back of the truck used to pick it up!


I’m not a big fan of heights and the first few boards looked like this, hanging over the kitchen.

IMG_1859-1    IMG_1866-1

We did a bullnose finish on the boards and I got a lot of practice with the router.  Some boards are definitely better done than others…

IMG_1858-1     IMG_1857-1

It was surprisingly hard on the back so here’s Jon taking a break while I swear at the naling gun for yet again escaping my grip as I switch the air compressor hose from the big gun to the little finishing one.


We all hate squeaky floors so they’re all built the old fashioned way with nail and glue.  This is the smaller storage loft.

  IMG_1868-1   IMG_1867-1

Here’s the finished small loft.



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