The Swiveling Stairs

Most Tiny Houses use a ladder to go up in the lofts.  It’s both efficient and easy to use…unless you have dogs.  My tiny pups are not so keen on that concept.


So I’ve been trying to find a way for them to be able to use the stairs to get to the bedroom.  Because I wanted to have a large couch/living area (this house was built primarily to enjoy the lake views), it was tricky not to end up with a massive stairwell.

If the steps were too steep, the pups would not use it.  And because of the angle of the dormers, we HAD to land the stairs in the middle of the room where there is the most head room.  Landing my the wall would guarantee hand banging when trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

So after several doodles on the iPad, I asked Kevin if we could possible do a spiral staircase.  It would allows a wider side of the steps that the dogs can use while being visually “light” if made out of metal.

The thing is, spiral stairs require a VERY wide width.  Kevin saved the day by designing a swivel stair that tucks away when not in use and “clicks” into place when rotated into place.

Here’s a foam prototype

tiny house stairs spirale             tiny house stairs spirale

Stair in the locked position                              Stairs in the swiveled tucked away position


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