tiny house trailer tongue

Tiny House Foundation: The Trailer Has Arrived

tiny house trailer manufacturer

After living in my tiny house “on paper” for several weeks, it was very exciting to finally get something “real”.  The custom made trailer for my Tiny House was delivered a week early!

Iron Eagle is a Portland (OR) manufacturer that makes trailers specifically for Tiny Houses.  The trailer is called PAD (Portland Alternative Dwelling) as it was refined by these Tiny House builders to fit the needs of our houses on wheels.

Their trailers have a 6 inch insulation cavity, a very roomy tongue and are ready to receive the joists (brackets) and framing (full width flange).  They also offer extra height inside the house by dropping the trailer down.  My designed calls for a side door so we moved the axles back about 14 inches.

tiny house trailer tongue

The tongue is super roomy for that shed you’ve always wanted to build…It might also end up being a bump out in the living room, depending on how the framing turns out.  It will be a surprise, even to me!

Kevin Dermond at Green Anchors, an amazing incubator for Tiny House builders, is getting the trailer ready for the shop.

tiny house trailerHe rents space in an industrial neighbordhood (St Johns) and has seen several Tinies be born there and move on to their final location.

I was lucky enough that he was available to help me build my house!


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